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About Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services

Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services prides itself on the professionalism and expertise of our well-trained crews, especially in areas such as operations and safety, and we are extremely sensitive to the condition of the project site. We take extra care in maintaining a clean, well-managed job. Our clients benefit from our dedication to providing expert service in several ways: Clean and well-managed project sites, efficient and timely mobilization and de-mobilization, accurate and timely reporting and billing, utilization of state of the art equipment, a crew with a can-do attitude and customer service approach, sensitivity to the environment, and a culture of safety.


Our Company Values

Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services values statement is “Committed to Do the Right Thing with a Can-Do Attitude”. We use our strong core values as a guide to hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize our employees which reinforces the culture that we strive for.


Do the Right Thing

Do what you say, say what you did - respectfully & professionally.


Honest, Quality Workmanship

Our company is based on honest, fair pricing and the highest-quality workmanship with expert customer care.


Hard Working. Dedicated. Team Player Attitude.


Can Do Attitude

Positive. Proactive. Problem Solver.


Our Quality Guarantee

Our experience and reputation have been earned one project at a time. Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services has dredged an array of materials under varying conditions and have overcome the challenges we have encountered through superior project management and expert problem-solving skills.

At Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services, we strongly believe in mobilizing highly qualified people on-site where challenges occur and problems need to be resolved immediately. Our project managers are empowered to act as contract representatives for Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services and can therefore make critical decisions, lessening potential delays and increasing our adaptability. Our professional field personnel are clean cut, articulate, trained, and experienced. Supporting our field crews is an expert office staff and a vast network of contacts within the industry.

Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services has the ability to create solutions and perform tasks efficiently is greatly enhanced by our experience with similar projects, sites, and material challenges. With over 300 projects completed to date, the history of our ability to solve problems is a testament to our ability to solve future challenges. Due to the company’s large diverse fleet and its depth of expertise from concept to completion, Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services looks forward to its future within the dredging industry.

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