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Rock Wall Services

Marblehead Dredging & Marina Services specializes in rock wall installations, repairs and removals in Lake Erie Islands area. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to build a strong and sturdy rock wall to protect your home. Retaining walls have a wide range of benefits that follow. We provide free estimates for our customers and our opinion of what type of retaining wall can help protect your home.

Rock Wall Repair & Installation

Having a retaining wall installed keeps external pressure off your foundation and keeps the water away from it as well. The retaining wall is installed slightly away from the foundation wall and is designed to keep water from ever reaching the foundation walls. The retaining wall then directs the flow of the water it catches to a drainage pipe or sewer system. 

By keeping excess moisture from ever reaching your foundation walls, you keep the foundation of your home strong and safe. Preventing the build-up of moisture in your basement also helps maintain the air quality in your home by keeping mold and mildew spores from spawning. 

Advantages of Retaining Wall:
Protective structure:

Retaining walls are used to counteract the forces of gravity to protect the structure.

In other words, they are used to hold the soil.

Functional production:

Retaining walls serve as a functional product to prevent sinkholes from destroying your landscape structure.

They are used to stabilize the sloping landscapes and provides level surfaces on slopes.

Best run-off solution:

If your property is not prevented from infiltrating, then rainwater runoff can completely damage your land.

This can protect your landscape design, also prevent floods from inflowing the area.

Reduce maintenance:

Retaining walls can protect your landscape design and help you in the long run.

As a protective feature it reduces maintenance and prevents erosion.

Decorative feature:

Retaining walls additionally give your landscape an aesthetically pleasing design.

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